Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I enroll in the ‘Blue foods Rewards’ program?
To get enrolled for BFR, visit any of the Blue foods participating restaurants/cafe by filling out the registration form and the applicant will receive a confirmation SMS that will contain Member’s BFR account details. When the applicant provides his/her mobile number in the registration form it will get uploaded into the BFR server and thereafter the members will be entitled to accumulate or redeem BFR points whenever he /she visits any of the Company’s restaurants.

Where can I use my BFR Membership?
BFR Membership is accepted at all the restaurants and cafes of the Company. To find the current list of Company’s Restaurants/cafes please visit:

How do I earn points?
Members earn 5 (Five) points on every spend of Rs. 100/- at any of the participating restaurants & cafes listed at Upon providing the said Unique Member contact number of the Member to the service personnel, they’ll ensure that the appropriate points are accumulated to the Member’s BFR account.

How do I check my earned points?
Just SMS “BFR BAL” to 56161 from Member’s registered unique mobile number and the Member will receive a SMS confirming Member’s BFR point balance.

Can I get points for the purchase of a Blue Foods Gift Card?
BFR points are not earned for the purchase of a Blue Foods Gift Card. However, Members are eligible to earn BFR points when a Member uses a Blue Foods Gift Card to settle Member’s bill.

Is Blue Foods Rewards membership transferable?
Blue Foods Rewards membership is an individual guest recognition program and is not transferable.

Is there a fee to join Blue Foods Rewards?
No. Membership is FREE!

What if I change my mobile number?
Kindly inform the staff at any of the Company’s restaurants or cafés about the same. Member will also need to present Member’s photo ID and his unique mobile number. The cash desk will then accept the Member’s request for a change of the unique number and Member will receive a verification call, after which the change will be effected in the Company’s system.

How can I cancel my Blue Foods Rewards membership?
Kindly inform the Company’s staff at any of the Company’s restaurants or cafés about the same in writing. Member will receive a notification via SMS within 48 hours. All membership points earned / accumulated under the membership shall stand forfeited on cancellation of the membership.

Do my Blue Foods Rewards points ever expire?
Blue foods rewards points expires after one year from the date on which it was accumulated or earlier as provided here in above.