Announcement & Notices

7-03-2017: BSE-Intimation-of-Reconst-of-Board-07.03.2017

7-03-2017: BSE-Intimation-of-Address-Change-of-RTA

1-02-2017: BSE-Cert-of-Int-pymnt-1-Feb-2017

16-01-2017: Intimation-of-Record-Date-16-Jan-2017

16-01-2017: Statement of Investor Complaints-Qrtr Dec 2016-16 Jan 2017

13-01-2017: Prior intimation of Interest Payment-13 Jan 2017

14-11-2016: BSE Submission-30.09.2016

14-11-2016: Statement of Material Deviaton

14-10-2016: Compliance Certificate Regln 7(3)

14-10-2016: Statement of Investor Complaints-Qrtr Sep 2016

19-09-2016: Intimation of CEO & Compliance Officer

16-09-2016: Intimation of change in credit rating

10-08-2016: Certificate of interest payment

25-06-2016: Information of record date for interest payment

25-06-2016: Prior Information of Interest Payment

25-06-2016: Intimation in change in name of Debenture Trustee

30-05-2016: Statement of material deviation

30-05-2016: BSE Submission of Annual Audited Financial Results_March_2016

24-05-2016: Intimation of BM date-annual audited financials

04-05-2016: Intimation of submission of annual audited financials

14-04-2016: BSE Statement on Investor complaints of quarter ended 31st Mar 2016

22-03-2016: Compliance Certificate Regulation

11-02-2016: BSE Letter for Execution of New Listing Agreement

03-02-2016: Certificate of Interest Payment

18-01-2016: BSE Statement on Investor complaint of quarter ended 31st Dec 2015
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14-01-2016: Prior Intimation of Interest Payment

05-01-2016: Notice of Record Date for Payment of Interest

05-11-2015: BSE Intimation of submission of unaudited half yearly financials of 30 Sep 2015

04-11-2015: BSE Intimation of Half yearly communication for 30 Sep 2015

04-11-2015: BSE Intimation of Appt of Gaurav Sachdeva as Independent Director & Reconstitution of Committee

18-08-2015: BSE Intimation for resignation of Mr. Sandeep Sharan

11-08-2015: BSE Intimation for Payment of Interest and Upfront Processing Fees for Tranche 2

06-08-2015: BSE Intimation for Allotment of Non-Convertible Debentures, Tranche 2

29-07-2015: BSE Intimation for Raising Further Debt by Issue of Non-Convertible Debentures, Tranche 2

2015-05-25: BSE Intimation for Submission of Audited Annual Financial Statements for FY 2014-15

25-05-2015: BSE Intimation for Appointment of Compliance Officer

25-05-2015: BSE Intimation for Appointment of Mr. Pramod Arora as the Chief Executive Officer

25-05-2015: BSE Intimation for Adoption of Insider Trading Policy

31-03-2015: BSE Intimation for Appointment of Independent Director and Reconstitution of Committee

17-02-2015: BSE Intimation for Change in Board Appointment of Mr. Nicholas Cator and Resignation of Mr. Daniel Grossman

03-02-2015: BSE Intimation for payment of interest and upfront processing fees for Tranche 1