Chive Dumplings
Onion and chive dumplings served with a hot and sweet chilli sauce

Basil Tossed Wonton
Steamed wontons filled with chicken tossed with chillies, basil, mushrooms and burnt garlic

Grilled Sesame Chicken
Tender chicken pieces grilled with chilli, soy and sesame paste

Steamed Vegetable SIU-mai (Sieu mai Gai)
A steamed wrap filled with spinach, water chestnut and pak choy

Chicken Momo
Spiced chicken with scallion, flavoured with mountain herbs

Vegetable Lemon Pepper Coriander Soup
Lemongrass flavoured clear soup, spiked with ground pepper and finished with green coriander

Noodle Bar special Prawn Soup
Lemon flavoured prawn soup with sweet peppers and egg drop

Hart n Choy
Baby corn, spinach and mushroom enhanced with garlic soy sauce

Singapore fiery Steamed Prawns
Steamed Arabian sea prawns in a tamarind and birds eye chilli sauce

Hu-pak Chicken
Thinly sliced chicken with red and yellow peppers in a white garlic sauce

Black pepper sliced lamb
Slow fried sliced lamb with baby corn and shitake mushrooms enhanced with black pepper sauce

Burnt Chilli Noodles
Steamed noodles wok tossed with shredded white onion in a dried burnt chilli sauce

Phad Thai Noodles
Thai style noodles, tossed with peanuts and chilli paste and shrimps

Steamed Fragrant Rice
Rice cooked in an aromatic stock, enhanced with ginger, garlic & scallions

Fried Rice
Burnt garlic flavoured tossed rice, wrapped in a spiced omelette

Sizzling Brownie
Fudge brownie with nuts and vanilla ice-cream on a sizzling platter